Just a list of my favorite things…

It’s nice to learn about things that make your life easier, right? So here’s some things that I love that could make your life a little better.

IDE Plugins

My IDE of choice is Atom - not only because it’s stylish, but it’s so easy to customize!

Atom Beautify

This little package is a linter for the messy files and makes them all pretty. It supports over 20 languages (such as JSON and Ruby!) and continues to grow each day.


Git Plus

Don’t want to leave your IDE when you need to make a commit? Simply hit cmd-shift-h (this hokey is for iOS), and you won’t have to! It’s a great package to stay focus on your code without switching screens.


Git Time Machine

Forgot when you made a change to a file? Simply pull the history from past commits and compare your current code side by side!


Note Taking

image-left Quiver is a great notebook for programmers. It’s the first notebook app that I’ve seen that has the best support for code note taking. It supports over 120 languages. There’s even a presentation mode, so there’s little effort need to be made if you need to do an importu talk. Files are saved as JSON and can be saved locally or on a cloud platform.

The only downside is that it’s only for Macs. If you have a Mac, go ahead and download a free trial!